Tubular Techniques Ltd – Doing Our Bit For The Environment

Here at Tubular Techniques we are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint by transferring our company cars over from fossil fuels to full electric, including the installation of charging points and the purchase of our two new full electric vehicles. Along with recycling our waste within the office, whilst these are small steps to reduce the companies’ impact they are both equally important to the contribution of trying to help the reduce impact of climate change for future generations.

As and when the other vehicles in the fleet are up for renewal these too will be replaced with full electric vehicles.

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Tubular Techniques Ltd

Tubular Techniques is proud to announce that they have been accepted as a Design Member at the NASC after being audited. After being an associate member for many years it was nice to see that Designers are now getting their own category within the NASC and that there is now a standard which must be adhered to for all member designers.

We are also proud to announce that we have also become members of the Scaffolding Association which will now give us greater access to information within the industry.