The Team


Keith Drewett – Managing Director

Keith, as the company’s chartered structural engineer, started the Company in 1998 with the aim of providing an independent design service to small and medium sized scaffolding contractors and main contractors who did not have in house engineering expertise.

Having worked previously for consulting engineers, main contractors and scaffolding Contractors, Keith has gained extensive knowledge of the industry from different sides. His experience is not limited to the design role, having had positions estimating scaffolding works to managing the contracts on site. This gives him a unique perspective being able to consider all of these aspects within the designs that are produced and with over 30 years working within the industry we can certainly provide the experience for any project.


Barbara Drewett

After joining Tubular Techniques in 2009, Barbara’s role has increased steadily with the growth of the company. Wearing many hats within the business including accounts and invoicing, organising courses for staff, general welfare of the employees and aspects of Health and Safety management, she has become a valuable asset to the company.

BSc(Hons)-Civil Engineering

Jack Savage – Senior Engineering Manager

Jack joined the company in 2012 as a trainee engineer having chosen to change his career from the practical side of the industry to that of being a designer. Having undertaken and now completed his degree in Civil Engineering achieving outstanding results he is now responsible for looking after many of our projects and overseeing new members of staff, integrating them into the company.

Max Brandon - Design Engineer

Max is our newest member of staff joining us in 2019, after spending some time working for a leading scaffolding contractor in London. Max being keen to progress with his career and move forward from being a draughtsman to learning the full design process has joined us to further his training within a consultancy environment working with a multitude of different Contractors. Studying towards his B.Eng(Hons) degree which he will complete in the next 2 years. Whilst continuing to work at the same time, gaining valuable experience. Max has quickly fitted into the team becoming a valued member and is now doing great work for the company.

BSc(Hons), MSc – Structural Engineering ,GMICE

Kyle Drewett – Senior Design Engineer

After first joining the company in 2010 as a new trainee Kyle continued his training mainly in Scaffolding Design up to November 2015 at which time, he left the company to further broaden his career joining a Consulting Engineering practice to enable to further extend his training into Structural Engineering gaining valuable knowledge in building structures including steel frames, timber frames and reinforced concrete design.

Having gained his MSc in Structural Engineering he has now returned to the company bringing with him much greater experience and knowledge allowing us to undertake varied work projects for both Scaffolding and Temporary works.

He is now studying to achieve his membership with the Institute of Civil Engineers following in his father’s footsteps.

Brendon Wheatley – CAD Technician

Brendon is the newest member of the team joining the Company August 2020 as a CAD technician having previous spent 8 years with his previous employer preparing various Scaffold drawings. We are now introducing Brendon to the calculations behind the drawings so that he will eventually be able to prepare complete designs for projects.

Brendon Wheatley